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[texts]Influence of tumor environment and host immunity on tumor progression and metastasis - Parratto, Nanette P.
Keywords: Neoplasms--immunology; Neoplasm Metastasis
Downloads: 61
[texts]A case of primary carcinoma of the pancreas with multiple carcinosis : the organisms of cancer - Flexner, Simon, 1863-1946
Caption title
Keywords: Pancreatic Neoplasms; Carcinoma; Neoplasm Metastasis
[audio]Sound & chifles - Metastasis
Metastasis - "Sound & chifles" [hpcd045] "Sound & chifles" is an album when I use the same caracteres(sounds) but in diferent context (in the first 3 pieces),like a three diferent histories with the same elements but transformed. the piece Prisma II is a Omaggio to a Peruvian 60's composer Enrique Pinilla, one of the pioners in electronic music in this country. he's electronic pieces that he worked was charged of visual senses...
Keywords: Metastasis; Sound & chifles; headphonica; hpcd045
Downloads: 416
[audio]TFR31 - Severe Metastasis - Stench Of Rotting Flesh - Severe Metastasis
Severe Metastasis - Stench Of Rotting Flesh 01 - Born in Rancid Bloods 02 - Burned To Ashes 03 - Stench of Rotting Flesh Severe Metastasis www.myspace.com/metastasis Released on Torn Flesh Records www.myspace.com/tornfleshrecords www.archive.org/details/tornfleshrecords www.facebook.com/pages/Torn-Flesh-Records/110849412311735 twitter.com/tornfleshrecs
Keywords: Severe; Metastasis; Stench; Of; Rotting; Flesh; Torn; Records; Grindcore; death; metal
Downloads: 1,653
[texts]Lesions of the nervous system in cancer patients - Hildebrand, J. (Jerzy)
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Cancer; Neurologic manifestations of general diseases; Metastasis; Nervous system; Nervous system diseases; Neoplasms
Downloads: 111
[audio]Mutaciones en torno al Halito [PN048] - Metastasis
For all info please (y en castellano), visit:http://www.pueblonuevo.cl/mutaciones.htm
Keywords: Pueblo Nuevo; Netlabel; Mutaciones en torno al halito; Metastasis; Renzo Filinich; Chile; Peru; live electronics; electronic; music
Downloads: 1,835
[movies]The Science of Sin and Salvation (Part 3) - "Another Look at 'Sin' - Part 1: Human Condition"
The Science of Sin and Salvation (Part 3) - "Another Look at 'Sin' - Part 1: Human Condition"Ideas from Robert Melashenko regarding how scientific observations might reflect how sin destroys and how God restores. Part 3 discusses the impact of mobile genetic elements on human health and disease.
Keywords: Robert; Bob; Melashenko; Science; Sin; Salvation; transposable; mobile; genetic; elements; MGE; disease; receptors; Christ; nature; God; genome; viruses; genes; pseudogenes; promoters; intra-genetic; insertions; introns; repeats; virus; viral; non-random; brain; mental; selfish; endocrine; autoimmune; cancer; aging; death; tumors; LINE-1; RNA; metastasis; microvesicles; retrotransposon; oncogene; epigenetic; psychosis; senescent; cells; jumping-gene; oxytocin; dictator; game; fragile; intellect; environmental; stress; transcription; aneuploid; neurons; circuitry; microglia
Downloads: 45
[audio]TFR97 - Various Artists - Discordant Sounds From The Dead - Torn Flesh Records
Various Artists - Discordant Sounds From The Dead 01 - Discordant Sounds From The Dead Intro 02 - No One Gets Out Alive - Flesh Wound 03 - Consume the Fetus - Regurgitation Of Mutilated Infants 04 - Fatal Band - Cornered 05 - elephantknuckle - Your Mother’s Twat is Hot, but Your Daughter’s is Hotter 06 - Death Till Extinction - Predation 07 - Inhabit - Maggots and Scabs 08 - Necropolis JC - Behind The Fear feat...
Keywords: Torn; Flesh; Records; Death; Till; Extinction; elephantknuckle; No; One; Gets; Out; Alive; Grindcore; Death; Metal; Underground; Discordant; Sounds; From; The; Dead; Consume; The Fetus; Fatal; band; Inhabit; Necropolis; JC; Trailerpark; Incest; FEMAU; Goremonger; Fermented; Fetus; Trignora; Severe; Metastasis; Wicked; Deception; Impact; Vaginal; Cadaver; Herniated; Cunt; Raped; By; Pigs; Excess; Brutal; Todd; Slaughterfarm; Gangbang; Goregrind; Pornogrind; Thrash; Grindcore; Hardcore; Deathcore
Downloads: 67,629 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Resonant_Therapy_Sessions_06 - ok33
The sound frequencies used in these sessions are based upon Rife sets for resonant therapy devices. This work is dedicated to the public domain and may be reproduced without authorization. http://resonant-therapy.webs.com/ * Cholesterol embolism, small deposits of cholesterol that become lodged inside blood vessels. * Erysipelas, acute streptococcus bacterial infection of the upper dermis and superficial lymphatics...
Keywords: Aderenoleukodystrophy; Altitude Sickness; Amyloidosis; Aneurysm; Arthritis; Bulbar Palsy Progressive; Bulbospinal Neuronopathy; Calcaneal Apophysitis; Cancer-General; Cancer-General Main; Cancer-Metastasis General; Cancer-Residual; Capsulitis Adhesive; Cardiac Failure; Chloasma; Cholesterol Embolism; Chondromalacia Patellae; Cirrhosis Liver; Coma; Cystic Fibrosis; Dermatomyositis; Down Syndrome-Symptoms Only; Emphysema Pulmonary; Erysipelas; Fetal Diseases-General; Galactosemias; General Fibrosis Syndrome; Hand Foot And Mouth Syndrome; Hepatitis C; Hidradenitis Suppurativa; Hutchinson's Melanotic Freckle; Hyperglicemic Hyperosmolar Nonketotic Coma; Hyperpituitarism; Hyperthermia; Infertility; Keratosis Actinic; Keratosis Seborrheic; Kidney Dialysis; Kidney Failure; Lordosis; Lymphatic Diseases; Measles; Mumps; Myopathies Structural; Neuralgic Amyotrophy; Neurofibromatosis; Oliguria; Osteoarthritis; Osteochondritis; Papilloma; Paraneoplastic Syndromes-Nervous System; Periphlebitis; Peroneal Muscular Atrophy; Polymyositis; Polyneuropathies; Polyradiculoneuropathy Acute Inflammatory; Post-Cosmetic Reconstruction; Prostate-Enlarged; Pterygium; Rosacea; Scoliosis; Skin-Infectious Diseases; Skin Mole; Spinal Cord Inflammation; Spinal Muscular Atrophy; Spondylitis Ankylosing; Suture Techniques; Tachycardia; Tonsillitis; Vesication; Alternative Medicine; Alternative Therapies; Resonant Therapy; Therapy; Healing Remedies; Vibrational Therapies; Healing Sound; Music-Sound Frequencies Mix; Public Domain; ok33
Downloads: 677
[movies]Tribal Medicines of Chhattisgarh and Odisha for Modern Diseases: Films by Pankaj Oudhia (Part-249 to Part-251) - Pankaj Oudhia
Indian states Chhattisgarh and Odisha are rich in Biodiversity. Pankaj Oudhia is documenting Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and insects since year 1990. This series is an effort to present Herbal Wealth of these states through movies. There are over 15000 movies in this series.   Related Links Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines by Pankaj Oudhia https://archive.org/details/EncyclopediaOfTribalMedicinesByPankajOudhia Compilation of Pankaj Oudhia’s Research and Documentation work on ...
Keywords: Ethnobotany; Traditional Biological Knowledge; Tribal Medicines; Folk Remedies; Medicinal Plants of India; Raw Drugs; Biodiversity; Healing Flora; Adivasi Medicines; Traditional Knowledge Documentation; The only relief is constant bathing with hot water (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Tonic spasms of the toe of right foot very painful; Sciatica pain resulting from strain and alternating with numbness worse in cold and damp weather; Chronic gouty state with inflamed porosities of the finger joints elbow joints toes etc; Gouty or arthritic headache may alternate with pain in joints; Rheumatic gout affecting every joints; Old gouty subjects who must keep in motion in the open air which gives relief; Rheumatic pains which wander from joint to joint with swelling of joints worse before or during thunderstorm and cold or wet or unsettled weather; Pain Better from warm wrapping (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Enlargement of joints not due to gouty deposits; Wonder Drugs; Arthritic nodes; Chronic bruised state of body; Bone pain; Body aches; Pain in joints worse at night; Pain in Joints from warmth of bed or from warm application; He wants cold things (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Rheumatism of joints with enlargement of parotid and sub-maxillary glands; Pain in the cardiac region shooting into the right arm; When rheumatism is due to uric acid in urine accompanied with gastric troubles; Paramparik Gyan; Rheumatism with heart trouble; Alternating pain between spleen and heart; Patient tired but not stiff (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Irregular shifting pain (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Dyspnoea (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Suffocated feeling when walking fast; Rheumatic and gouty pains in uremic and lithaemic constitution; When the urine is scanty the patients suffer more whereas when it is heavily laden with deposits and is copious; the pains are relieved (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); The urine contains uric acid forming the red deposits; Medicinal Orchids; The rheumatic pains cease on catching cold and the inflammation of tongue or stomach starts; The patient vomits everything he eat (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); With complication of asthma (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Edema of lower extremities (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Forgets words when writing; Sadness and anxiety when perspiring; Uremia; Chilly worse by uncovering (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Left sided rheumatism with sharp pains through the lower lobe of the left lung; Pain in back to small of back; Wild Healing Mushrooms; Violent aching pain in back down the thigh relieved by change of position; Limbs are full of distress even to gout; Sore bones; Burning in soles; Arthritic enlargements; Painful periosteum; Sore joints; Pains are felt during a half conscious condition and disappear when thinking of them; Violent sharp pain coming suddenly which makes the patient crazy; The patient says that he would prefer death or anything rather than the pains (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Medicinal Insects and Mites; Pain with numbness (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Gout alternated with vomiting; When gout ceases vomiting comes on; Gouty nodules in finger joints and shifting gouty and but attended by white coated tongue; Cracks in nostrils and corners of mouth (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Aversion to cold bath (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Wandering pains with pressure to urinate (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Gout accompanied with diabetes; Gout and bleeding from the uterus come on alternately; Hemorrhage starts when the gout stops and vice versa; Traditional Knowledge about insects; Pains worse during summer (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Pains worse during clear and cloudless days and better during damp and cold weather (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Chronic arthritis with burning of soles and top of head; When pains are better in warm room or in bed but not better by direct warmth (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Shooting pains which are reproduced by wine or other stimulants worse at night and generally disappear in a sitting posture (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Rheumatism affecting the vertebral joints and especially the neck; Pain in the nape of the neck; When the rheumatism gets better mental symptoms appear or the diarrhea comes on when the mind is not disturbed; Tearing and drawing pains in small joints and wrists; The joints swell after a slight fatigue; Entomophagy; Rheumatism starting after a checked diarrhea; Metastasis of rheumatism from joints to heart to spine; There is sudden aching pain in back better by motion; Symptoms are worse at night and in cold air (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Burning pains worse at midnight and by lying on painful side relieved by heat and by moving the affected part (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Rheumatic pains from elbow to the shoulder; Burning pains not relieved by heat (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Rheumatic pains wandering in the bones and joints at night; Rheumatism and arthritic pains with very offensive sweats-the more he sweats the worse he feels; Exhaustion (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Entomotherapy; Forest People; Chhattisgarh Biodiversity; Odisha Biodiversity; Medicinal Millets; Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations; Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India; Medicinal Plant Database; Famine Food plants; Emergency herbs; Medicinal weeds; Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM); Flora of Bastar; Flora of Kanker; Flora of Raipur and Durg; Flora of Dhamtari; Flora of Bilaspur; Flora of Raigarh; Flora of Jashpur; Flora of Surguja; Flora of Rajnandgaon; Flora of Ambikapur; Flora of Korba; Flora of Keshkal; Flora of Sukma; Flora of Dantewada; Flora of Gandhamardan Hills; Flora of Orissa; Flora of Niyamgiri; Flora of Chhattisgarh; Flora of Odisha; Flora of Narsinghnath; Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh; Folk Healers of Odisha; Traditional Vaidyas of India; Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants; Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas; Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas; Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas; Traditional Medicinal Practices of India; छत्तीसगढ़ के पारम्परिक व्यंजन और उनके औषधीय घटक; Prehistoric medicines of Chhattisgarh; Economic plants in Archeology of Chhattisgarh and Odisha; Bracket Mushrooms in Traditional Herbal Formulations; Antifungal Properties of Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh; Pain caused by alcoholism (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); For rheumatic pains when the affection travels downwards with numbness; Pain with palpitation of heart and slow pulse (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Pains shift rapidly (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Pain in ulnar nerve; Rheumatism with diabetes; Rheumatism and gout engrafted on syphilitic or tubercular constitutions; Sore swollen joints more painful from warmth and motion; Gouty abscesses of joints; Pains in tibia Better by cold bath and cold application; Gouty or rheumatic pains due to oxalates and albumin in urine; Inflammation of joints which are very painful; Chronic rheumatism due to uric acid; Palpitation and shocks about the heart (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Painfulness of the soles of feet and small joints with a sense of burning therein; Pains stitching stabbing and of burning character relieved temporarily by cold application and not by rest or motion (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Backache accompanied by great weakness and profuse sweating; If he covers the painful part the pain goes to the un-covered part (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Aggravation after eating and uncovering (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Tardy development of bony tissues; Irregular nourishing of the bones; One part of the bone is nourished while the other is starved; Arthritic swelling or nodular gout of hands and finger joints or knees in fleshy and sweaty persons Worse by cold; When pains are worse by sitting better by moving and completely relieved by lying down (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Articular rheumatism attacking joints particularly elbow and knee joints with great swelling and redness and high fever; Acute and piecing pain better by heat and worse by cold (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Rheumatism of right shoulder blade or joint wrist joint ankle or knee joint; Pain in soles of feet and heels; Pain in wrists and ankles with fever; Rheumatism in synoptic persons due to suppressed gonorrhea by injections or others outer applications; Pain in heels relieved by putting most of the weight on them; Arthritic and rheumatic affection if attended by renal sticking pain and backache; Inflammation or/and suppuration of joints or other parts; Pain in finger nails and phalanges; Rheumatism with edema heat tenderness and stuffiness; Constipation and whitish stools (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis); Pain is aggravated by slightest movement or touch (Rheumatism Gout and Arthritis)
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